Product Reviews

Client Reviews of Quest Protein Bars:

Peanut Butter Supreme: Not a very rich flavor as expected but quite filling. I drank a bottle of water with it and was not hungry until the end of my shift. A great option for those in time-crunched positions. (Scott Haas, MD)
These bars are delicious! They’re everything I want in a protein bar. They have a great texture and a magnificent variety of flavors. The fact that they’re all natural makes it even better. (Radleigh Herschel)
The QuestBar cinnamon roll flavor: The consistency was much more editable than other protein bars I have had. It did not have nearly as much “grittiness” as other bars I have tried. I like the fact that there is no artificial sweeteners and it is high in fiber. My only complaint is that it is not more widely available. (Brian Buckholtz)
PB and chocolate: The bar was chewy, almost fudgy like an tootsie roll. Tasted ok with a slight aftertaste. Didn’t feel hungry for almost two hours. Overall rates favorably compared to other similar products. (Paul Stokols)
P28 Bread and Bagels:


P28 bread

These bagels and bread slices were robust in flavor, nutty and chewy! Everyone I shared them with commented on the large size of the slice and bagel with a relatively low carb content. The oats on top and seeds throughout really added texture as well as a unique taste to the wheat bread. I made a chicken sandwich (a Chik Fil-A craving fulfilled) for my husband for dinner, and he was full long into the night (claiming to not need his typical nighttime snack). Hunger satisfied, mission accomplished!
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GFreeConnect Sample Pack Review:


BHUJA indian snack mix: this was SPICY! If you enjoy Indian spices and flavors, you will love this. I have GERD, so I did not like the spicy mix of crunchy snack pieces. This is a great low carb substitute for those watching carb intake and fairly low in calories for a serving.
Lucy’s cookies: tasted like a gingersnap but produced more crumbles and slightly off flavor. Nutrition stats were high in the sugar department. I would have liked a lower calorie level and more protein and fiber for the compromises in flavor and texture!
SoyJoy bar: this bar was smaller than most protein bars and would be fine for a female athlete post-workout but is obviously not suitable for those with soy allergies as well as those at high risk for female cancers. Nutrition stats were fair for a granola bar but should not be used as a meal replacement or for those looking to forgo eating fruits/veggies.
SkinnyPop: tasty popcorn, well-controlled portion but nothing too exciting. Since corn is inherently gluten-free, it seems redundant to market it as such.
Food Should Taste Good: these salt and pepper sweet potato chips were way over-seasoned. I am biased as I absolutely LOVE the PopChips sweet potato flavor and these were just too peppery for my liking.
Lundberg Rice Chips: again not a fan of the chili lime flavor as they were tangy and overly seasoned. Nutrition stats were poor since they were fried, rather than baked/popped/dehydrated.
Glee Gum: not worth the alternative sweetener, in my opinion. Off-flavor and weird texture after chewing for only a few minutes, leaves me ready to spit it out and grab my tried and true Extra gum (a few pieces is not big deal, and again most gum is inherently gluten-free).
Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa: love this cute packaging as it is perfect for those who want to try quinoa without buying a huge vat of it only to discover they are not fans. I would love more of these portion-friendly packages of gluten-free grains (i.e., millet, amaranth, buckwheat, black rice, etc)
Pamela’s Pancake/Baking Mix: this is another great portion-controlled way for clients to try a gluten-free baking product without buying a whole box. Also great for those who are watching their weight and get a craving for pancakes/waffles/etc and want to be able to make a batch, enjoy them, and move on. I actually added vanilla brown rice protein powder to the mix to make a more balanced macronutrient profile. The mix is very versatile as it can be used for savory or sweet gluten-free baking needs since it is not sweet.
Rise coconut bar: I liked the texture and flavor but if you do not coconut, you will not like these bars. They do have more calories and fat since coconut is the base, but the texture is closest to candy and rich in a natural, satisfying way. Again, not a meal replacement, but suitable for one-the-go nutrition needs especially since there is no chocolate to melt or need for refrigeration.
Blue Diamond Nut Chips: Too salty but great crunch and variety of flavor sample (just like Doritos!). This is a fabulous concept to incorporate a protein and nutrient-packed chip alternative but do not need so much salt as a coating.
Tamari soy sauce: great alternative for Asian-inspired cooking
Hot Breakfast cereal packet: wonderful flavor that was not too sweet and a great balance of healthy protein and carbs. Perfect for grab-n-go breakfast eating!
Brown rice pasta: this is a tricky product to cook without it being over or under-cooked. It definitely has a different texture and distinct taste that does not appeal to everyone, but it is a suitable alternative for gluten-free pasta lovers. Again, I would like to see more protein added (this is true of regular pasta as well) to make it a more balanced product. Would be great with added vegetables for flavor and color!
Lactose-free 2% milk: would prefer an almond milk sample for customers to sample as a dairy alternative! Maybe even a hemp milk sample if a supplier is available.
Funky Monkey Snacks

funky monkey

I received a generous package from Jennifer at Funky Monkey Snack Foods. It was brimming with exotic flavors and unique combinations of ingredients:

There were bananamon (banana and cinnamon, my personal favorite), carnaval mix (tropical fruit, seen below), applemon (apple and cinnamon), jiveAlime (lime and pineapple, reminded me of Sprite), mangOJ (mango and orange juice), and pink pineapple (pineapple covered in guava powder, this was a pretty sweet and would work great in bland foods as a natural sweetener, think oatmeal and quinoa). I loved the “fruit that crunches” concept rather than other freeze-dried fruit products that I have tried which merely dissolve in your mouth leaving you wanting to eat way more than a serving. The individual snack packs were perfect and easy to open (great for kids) for on-the-go snacking. I highly recommend you check out these products (with only 35-45 calories per serving, gluten-free/dairy-free/nut-free and mainly organic) by visiting:

I wrote the company telling them to incorporate veggies as their next freeze-dried endeavor. We’ll see if they take my advice 🙂

Love Grown Granola

Anyone who knows me, knows that my weakness is granola. I love chunky, uniquely flavored granola. This granola is super special, because it is gluten-free and minimally processed. Flavors include raisin/almond, apple/walnut, cranberry/pecan, and original. All of them rocked! Huge pieces of nuts and not too sweet, these made a perfect snack eaten solo [and with my fav Greek yogurt in a parfait]. The Love Grown company (whose mission is to “spread the love”) was kind enough to send me multiple single-serve packages of granola to disseminate to my patients. The nutrition stats are great with only 120-130 calories per pack and 5-6 grams of fat (all healthy monounsaturated fats from nuts, milled flax, and sunflower seeds!) with about 3 grams of protein. They do not use anything artificial and are sweetened with agave syrup. Love the company and love the products . . .

Jay Robb Protein Powder

Thanks to Jay Robb for sending me samples of their delicious protein powders. They also sent me a shaker bottle. They have egg white, whey and brown rice protein powders.

Whey Protein Isolate
Made With 100% rBGH-Free Whey Protein Isolate as The Protein Source
From grass fed cows not treated with rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)
Now with 25 Grams Protein per Serving!
Mixes with a blender or Shaker Bottle
No Fat, No Cholesterol
No Sugar
No Aspartame
No Sucralose
No Acesulfame-K
No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors
Made With Stevia
No Casein
No Gluten
Manna Bread

Thanks to Manna Bread for sending me an overly generous amount of their organic, yeast free sprouted bread to sample. Wow, I love this bread. There are no sweeteners, oils, fats, salt, flour or other leavening agents added. It is a great high protein and high fiber snack. I was surprised at how moist and dense these breads are, and they are delicious on their own without any toppings! !

Their bread comes in 9 different flavors:
* Banana Walnut Hemp
* Carrot Raisin
* Cinnamon Date
* Fig Fennel Flax
* Fruit and Nut
* Millet Rice
* Multi Grain
* Sunseed
* Whole Rye

In addition to these breads, Manna Organics also has a line of sourdough breads:
* Multi Grain Flax
* Bavarian Rye
* Sunny Sourdough

I definitely recommend you try these yummy breads.

Sea Snax

Thanks to Sea Snax for sending me these yummy chip alternatives to sample. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of how they would taste, but they were awesome!

SeaSnax is a roasted seaweed snack which is vegan and gluten free and made using 100% olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt — just three all natural ingredients! There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There is no msg, no trans fats, no cholesterol and no sugar.

Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low in calories and one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom as they have ready access to the abundant minerals found in the ocean. Nourishment is acquired across the sea vegetable’s entire surface through the gentle wave action of underwater currents.

You can eat them out of the bag or top on soups, salads and in sandwiches. They are strangely addictive 🙂

Michael Season’s

michael seasons

Thanks to Michael Season’s for sending me samples of their snacks to review. Their snacks are all natural, reduced fat and wheat and gluen free.

They have many variety of chips , including unsalted, ripple, honey barbeque, lightly salted, salt and pepper, and mediterranean.

There are baked multi grain cheddar and honey chipotle chips, which are made from real cheese! 33% Reduced Fat from the leading brand of Multigrain Chips – with 20% less calories and 12 grams of Whole Grains per Serving.

They also sell baked puffs and curls in many flavors, including cheddar cheese, jalapeno, hot chili pepper, and white cheddar. Yummy and healthy!

These are delicious! I highly recommend you go out and try some of these!